This blog will take you less than two minutes to read.

Through the years I have discovered that sales people, their bosses, and those selling sales tools have a great tendency to overthink the sales process.  I have had the great privilege of working for and with some outstanding people and sales professionals who have taught me the value of simplicity.

I have reduced the sales process to ten +1 simple rules. (Never confuse simple with easy.)  Each of the ten +1 rules could be a blog by itself, but since the goal here is simplicity, I will let you fill in the details under each rule.

1. Always be ready for surprises.

2. Do not overlook the obvious.

3. Do not be afraid to stretch yourself and your team.

4. When you find someone who knows what they are talking about...follow them.

5. If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there.

6. Develop 360 degree vision...your goal may be closer than you think.

7. Look for creative ways to sell slow-moving products.

8. Live a balanced life.

9. Work as part of a team whenever possible.

10. Things are rarely as bad as they first appear.

    +1. You can always tell how successful a venture is by how many people line up to take credit for it.

        - Bob Williams, September 2013